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Create profiles for your dating or business prospects!

    Add activities to schedule dates/meetings/appointments or simply save details for any shared experience (e.g., conversation, occurrence, etc.)

      Apply tags to "up-date" and distinguish prospects with a new color!

      Method 1 (apply tag to activity)


      Method 2 (apply latest tag directly to profile)

      **Activities not only display in prospect profiles but also display on the calendar as well. Alternatively, new activities can be generated and added to either existing profiles or even new profiles, while viewing the calendar!

      Customize Up-date MYL to your own personal preferences with a wide selection of out-of-the-box options to:

      • import prospects from iPhone's contact app
      • change the app's background to one of 5 themes
          (*photos on your phone can  be applied as custom themes after add-on purchase!)
      • change the app's text color from black to white
      • password lock the app for additional security
        • change tag names/color of existing tags and/or even create new tags to suit your preference
        • sync activities to display in the iPhone's calendar app as "events"
        • backup/restore profiles to selected cloud services
        • view your prospects in a list or grid view
        • sort/list profiles by name, recent activity, and latest tag (color)
        • search for specific text or text strings in profiles
        • display or hide profiles according to tag applied

        And that's just the tip of the iceberg! Expand Up-date MYL's features with the purchase of in-app, add-on packs which will allow you to:
        • expand profile galleries from 4 pics to 8!
        • change the app's font type with an additional 5 font selections
        • generate charts to see an overview of your business or dating activity, within a selected period of time
        • change the app's background with one of your own pics
        • and more....

        Check out the Add-Ons page in the app after downloading!

        Free download (limited time offer)