What's the difference between choosing a personal or a business list?

Short answer, there are a few minor differences tailored to their intended user: 

  • Personal lists are for users who are either a) actively dating or b) interested in dating someone in the future.   

  • Business lists are for users who either a) have existing, ongoing working relationships with business partners/clients or b) have an interest in acquiring business relationships with partners/clients in the future.  

Longer answer: Aside from both lists featuring different default tag names, features that set these lists apart are below:

1. Activities can be counted as dates (exclusive to personal lists)

Creating activities in personal lists includes the option to count them toward a prospect's date total (calculated on their profile page)

2. Monetary Investment (aka, $-inv; exclusive to personal lists)

Those of you who've ever been on a date already understand that dating comes with a monetary expense, which we all hope will eventually bring about a desired positive outcome. 

In reality, this isn't always the case. Therefore, personal lists include an optional, monetary investment value (found on activity pages and calculated on profile pages), to display how much money has been spent while dating a given prospect. 

Hopefully, users will become more aware of their investments as time goes on and management over their time and money with improve as they meet and then date higher quality prospects.

3. Monetary Gain (aka, $-gain; exclusive to business lists)

We sincerely hope that anyone who's ever done business or has the desire to do business with someone in the future is doing so with the hopes to mutually benefit.  Oftentimes, with the goal to monetarily gain from the relationship.

With that in mind, business lists include an optional monetary gain value (found on activity pages and calculated on profile pages), to display how much money has been gained while working with a given prospect.

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